Property Valuations were delivered to property owners...did you get a surprise?

Valuations are Opinions...
and Everyone has One!

We FIGHT to make them RIGHT!

The IntegrumUSA Way

Assessor Determines Values


 Each year your county’s Assessor places a preliminary value on your real estate. It is this value that determines the amount of property taxes you will have to pay next year.   Your property is compared and "equalized" with THOUSANDS of other real estate property from around the county, but your home, office building, apartment complex or piece of land is unique and isn't "JUST LIKE" all the others.   

We Know Their Tactics


  Our job is to work within the government's guidelines, provide evidence of how your property is unique and fight to make sure your property's values is right and fair.  So, it is vitally important that the value placed on your real estate is correct, if not, you are going to pay more taxes than you should.   This is where IntegrumUSA takes our years of experience in real estate valuation, both in the private and governmental sectors and puts them to work for you.  

We Evaluate Your Real Estate


  Our team understands how to determine the real value all types of real estate and exactly how the government determines what value to place on your real estate so they get the tax dollars they need.   IntegrumUSA will evaluate your real estate and determine if the preliminary value placed on your property is correct or if our team feels that an adjustment should be made. If we determine if a correction is needed, we fight for you. 

We Take Care of the Details


 We take charge and weave through the entire valuation protest process on your behalf, working with you to find the right valuation and then get that result.  Our clients only pay our fee if we are successful in attaining an adjustment in their property’s valuation.

No Change = No Fee


 We have the experience and expertise to get our clients the tax savings they should have gotten in the first place.  If you have real estate that may be valued too high and the check you have to write to pay your taxes keeps getting bigger and bigger, then you need to call us and put us in your corner.